The Basics Of Celtic Astrology

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There are many people that are familiar with astrology, the type that you can typically find in the local paper when looking at your horoscope. The signs of the zodiac pertained to 12 different segments of the year, giving each person there zodiac sign. Each of these signs has unique qualities, referential of personality traits that a person may have. These traits can be used to determine what choices a person will make that week, or even that day, in conjunction with the positioning of stars and planets. All of this is common knowledge to most people that are interested in astrology. However, Celtic astrology is a little bit different though operates on the same premise. Here are the basics of Celtic astrology, and how this ancient form of astrology from the Celtic people may actually help you make more refined decisions in your life.

What Is Celtic Astrology?

Astrology focuses upon the time of your birth, and the date that you are born can contribute to your behaviors and personality. The Druids that developed Celtic astrology also realized that people who were born during certain seasons would also have distinct qualities. They would also look into what they call the color and shape of a person’s life, specifically looking for patterns that were connected to the lunar year. This combination of the cycles of the moon, combined with seasons, contributed to what is called Celtic tree astrology. In the same way that different zodiac signs, which pertain to specific constellations in the sky, have a bearing upon the path that your life will take, trees also play a very vital role in the configuration of your life. The reason that they incorporate trees is that the Druids looked at nature in a very reverent way, realizing we have a connection to the natural environment. In the same way that the ancient Chinese word base many of their philosophies upon nature, the Druids believed that we are all connected to specific trees which are thought to be vessels that contained infinite wisdom.

What Are The Celtic Astrology Signs?

When you look at your own zodiac sign, not only is your birth directly related to the constellation that the sun was in when you were born, it is represented by some type of symbol. These symbols are related to animals which could be a bowl, lion, or even the mythical Dragon. In the same way, the druidic zodiac attributes a specific tree to the date of a person’s birth. For example, people that were born on and between the dates of December 24 through January 20 would be related to the birch tree. This would indicate that you have a personality that is highly driven and motivated, one that can make you a natural born leader. Some of the other Celtic trees include hawthorn, oak, and even ivy. Each of them has distinct characteristics that can only be found in certain combinations, identifying each person with distinct personality traits.

In the same way that you would go to a traditional astrologist that could help you make decisions about significant life choices coming up, you can do the same with those that practice Celtic astrology. In fact, it could help you refine your thoughts on what you need to do with your life looking at these other personality traits and perspectives. The Druids believed in our connection to not just the universe, but specifically to nature. This philosophy is likely one of the best aspects of this form of astrology because it connects us directly to Mother Earth.