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Chinese Zodiac 2018 – What To Expect This Year

Let's look at some of the traits associated with people born under the sign and why the 2018 lunar new year is going to be a good time for these people. Traits Associated With People Born Under The Dog There are personality traits associated with people under the sign. They tend to be very hard-working and observant people.


Capricorn 2017 Predictions

Horoscopes and astrology can make it possible for people to have an advantage over others that are not aware of this information. If you were born under Goat sign, the zodiac sign of a mountain sea goat, there are many things that you will be able to achieve in 2017.

What Does The Sign Of Capricorn Mean?


The Basics Of Celtic Astrology

In the same way that the ancient Chinese word base many of their These symbols are related to animals which could be a bowl, lion, or even the mythical Dragon. In the same way, the druidic zodiac attributes a specific tree to the date of a person's birth. For example, people that were born on and between the dates of December 24 through January 20 would be related to the birch tree.